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The partners at TXN make direct private equity and debt investments in early- and expansion-stage businesses and real estate. We typically partner with other accredited individuals and institutional investors, however, are occasionally the sole investor. We invest or co-invest from our own account and do not manage a fund or assets for others. In addition to our capital, we strive to add value to our portfolio companies through sound strategic and financial advice, as well as providing access to our vast network of contacts.

TXN’s team includes entrepreneurs and investment bankers that are committed to helping others grow value and achieve business success. High integrity dealing and trusted relationship building form the foundation of our success.

We partner with management to achieve superior results through direct investment, co-investment and the formation of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs). We take a long view to building value and are not swayed by short-term pressure to quickly grow revenue that may not contribute to lasting value growth. Our track record of superior investment returns and business success speaks for itself.

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